'Hoo' let the Sun(ny Dress) out? 'Owl' present: A Friday Pattern Company sewing pattern

'Hoo'ray for owl puns!
I'm 'talon' you, there is a reason for this: Owl fabric!

The Sunny Dress was part of project SewMyStyle 2018 and - maybe you 'owl'ready guessed it - I made this a looot of months ago.
Take a cup of coffee or chocolate and read on about my make and what I think about this pattern.

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company

Knock knock knock - Penny! Sewing the Sinclair Patterns leggings (Jeggings edition)

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free to review it.
* Affiliate link - see page bottom

Damn, that title is a cheap joke, I know!
But do you want to know, what doesn't look cheap? (Yep, that's another one!)

These leggings are, at least for me - and who am I to care about what some stranger thinks. 😉
Long story short, I love them and I wear them a lot. Sewing goals accomplished!

sinclair patterns penny leggings / jeggings / stretch jeans sewing by minn's things

Faulty Fashion: Cover holes with (selfmade) patches

Got a hole in your favourite shirt?
The jeans you love so much ripped apart?

You don't have to throw it away. There are many ways to fix your clothes easy and fast.
As in this post, simply stitch the hole together and then conceal it using one of many options.

Faulty Fashion is a series of posts to help when your clothes have flaws.
So far this includes the following posts:


Pattern testing: The Love Dress by Sewera

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of the testing. 

Looking for a slim fit knit dress with a great shape? Do you have big differences in your circumferences and often struggle to get a good fit with knit patterns? Then this might just be the right sewing pattern for you!

Sewera Love Dress sewing pattern minn's things knit darts

Sewing skulls n' roses: P4P Pirate Pencil Skirt

Many say a pencil skirt is the most feminine clothing item. All those fashion magazines out there tell us it's a staple in a woman's wardrobe, a must-have, perfect for work, dates and more. Do you agree?
I never owned one (for real!) and it was time for me to find out, so I quickly made one myself.

Patterns 4 Pirates Sewing Pattern Pirate Pencil Skirt Skulls'n'Roses by Minn's Things


Sewing By Hand London's Rumana Coat - Cotton toile

About a year ago I had the feeling the word 'Rumana' was in everyones mouth. This classic, but extra long coat sewing pattern already had a big fanbase at its release. But while people where incredibly excited, there seemed to be a bit of fear in the mix...

To many sewists coat making seems like the ultimate peak of sewability - or at least, one of them. Honestly, me too!
But it's actually very doable and I assure you, you can do it too!
So this post is about my toile/muslin/test version for the Rumana Coat, the adjustments I made and how difficult it was for me, still a not too experienced sewist, who never made a coat before.

Minn's Things sewing By Hand London's Rumana Coat pattern winter classic gothic

Happy new year - My (sewing) resolutions 2019

Once again a new year has started. Though I am not the type of person, that makes 'New year resolutions' - I prefer to make them whenever during the year a change is needed - I do like to use this opportunity to reflect on my sewing, my blog and do a bit of planning.

Minn's Things 2019 new year resolutions for sewing blogging