New sewing patterns [March 2020]

Here's a list of new sewing patterns from this month. I loved seeing such a list on another blog, but since they don't make that list anymore I decided to make it myself. I hope you enjoy and find yourself inspired in this current situation.
This list is not intended to be exhaustive. If you know other new patterns (for women's clothing), that were released in march, please tell me in the comments. As I started with this list mid-month it is quite likely that I missed something.


  • Lily [Sonia Estep Designs]: dress with a gathered skirt and several options for sleeves, neckline and length; available as pdf; for knits; sizes 00-30; 
  • Flutter Wrap [Patterns for Pirates]: wrap dress with several flounce & flutter options; available as pdf; for knits; sizes XXS-Plus5X; 
  • Women's Holland [Little Lizard King]: a sleeveless v-neck high-waist dress with a gathered skirt and many options; available as pdf; for wovens; US sizes 0-18 with cup sizes A to D
  • Willow Wrap Dress [Love Notions]: wrap dress with a lot of options; not a new pattern per se, but it now has updated sizes; available as pdf; for knits; sizes XS-5X; 
  • Sherry Top and Dress [5 out of 4]: semi-fitted top/dress with a draped side tie at the waist and several sleeve and length options; available as pdf; for knits; sizes XXS-5XL; 






  • Fu face mask []: please do not buy medical masks for private & home use, as they are urgently needed in medical care. It is most important to keep medical workers uninfected as long as possible. Check out this information from WHO about when and how to use face masks and sew your own using this free pattern. available as pdf; for wovens; all sizes; 
  • Bum Bag [Rebecca Page]: asymmetrical fanny pack / moon bag / hip bag with external zipper; available as pdf; for wovens; 2 sizes; 

So many awesome new patterns! I especially like the Castillo Cardigan and the Bryn Brami and I've put those patterns on my list of sewing plans. Which ones do you want to make?

This is the first list of new patterns on my blog. Makes sure to come back for more!


Hacking sewing patterns: Lou Box Dress 1 from Sew DIY

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of testing another pattern. 

This fabric has been in my stash for about 2 years. I remember I took it out several times, thinking about what I would like to make out of it. A sweater? A skirt? Naaah, this fabric was meant to become a dress!
And I had in mind the exact type of dress I wanted - but despite searching through the whole wide web for hours I never found THE pattern. You know, the one. The perfect one.

So I took a sewing pattern I knew and trusted the designer and hacked it. VoilĂ ! Here it is:

sew diy lou box dress 1 sewing pattern hacks modified hacking minn's things alternative model look


Second pair of Stride Athletic Tights - Sewing pattern from Greenstyle Creations

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Did you always want to dive into making your own sportswear, but are struggling with what to look out for? Look no further, 'cos I got you covered - at least on what not to do!

Naaah, of course I'm just kidding, it's not THAT bad. Or is it? See for yourself!

greenstyle creations stride athletic tights sports leggings pants sewing pattern review front flat pubis shallow rise adjustment


Yet another Sew diy Lou Box Top

I think it's safe to say I have a thing with Sew DIY sewing patterns. So far I've shown you a Nita wrap skirt, a Lou Box Dress 2, two normal Ali Sweatshirts (old versions), another modified Ali Sweatshirt (old version), as well as two slightly modified Lou Box Tops (one with cats, the other with flowers).
I have also taken the Lou Box Dress 1 pattern and modified it for a very comfy yet flattering mini dress a few weeks ago, but haven't shown it yet.

Today I'm showing you a very old project, my very first Lou Box Top.

minn's things alternative blogger sewing pattern sew diy lou box top front view review oversized shirt dolman sleeves


How to make a bag - Review of the Sadie Expandable Bag sewing pattern from Swoon

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This week I have something special for you: A current project, which I have just finished last week. Finally new stuff, that's not already been worn to death! Yay!

Last week I told you I have been working on three different projects, so obviously it's one of them. In fact, it's the most important of the three: a new bag!
Read on to learn how to start making bags and what I have to say about Swoon sewing patterns.

swoon sadie expandable bag sewing pattern minn's things front snap closure bagmaking

Current sewing projects & plans

Oh no, another week without a proper review? Damn, Minn, what are you thinking??

Hehe. Don't worry, guys, just grab a cup and read on what I am currently working with and on!
Also, look who tries very hard to keep me from work:

funny dog picture bat vampire clown puppy dogo elo teeth
Quiz: Is it a bat, a puppy, a vampire, a clown or a kind-of-grownup dogo who was just in her second heat?


First make & review: Sequoia Shorts - Sewing pattern from Itch to Stitch

Pants with a zip fly - worn by almost everybody, feared by many sewists and definitely high up the skill rating... do you agree? To be honest, I did fear them a little bit, but I knew: with proper instructions it's not a problem at all to make them.

Here they are, my first ever self sewn fancy pants with a zip fly: My Sequoia Shorts.

Sequoia Cargo Pants Shorts Sewing Pattern Itch to Stitch Indie Designer Minn's Things alternative fashion black