First make & review: Sequoia Shorts - Sewing pattern from Itch to Stitch

Pants with a zip fly - worn by almost everybody, feared by many sewists and definitely high up the skill rating... do you agree? To be honest, I did fear them a little bit, but I knew: with proper instructions it's not a problem at all to make them.

Here they are, my first ever self sewn fancy pants with a zip fly: My Sequoia Shorts.

Sequoia Cargo Pants Shorts Sewing Pattern Itch to Stitch Indie Designer Minn's Things alternative fashion black


A story about corsets

I have never owned a corset, but that doesn't keep me from making one! Without any knowledge I just cut out a pattern and sewed, and this post is about why, what came out, and how I will continue. I'm not kitten you, this is going to be a rather long story, so better grab a cup of tee / coffee / your favourite beverage now! 


Modified Sunny Top (Dress) - Sewing pattern from Friday Pattern Company - A failed project

It's been two years since the Sunny Dress / Top sewing pattern from Friday Pattern Company was featured on Project Sew My Style. It's been one year since I posted about my first make of this pattern, which was quite the rant. Time to close this case.

minn's things sewing friday pattern company sunny dress top modified diy back view alt fashion swayback bad fit fake leather velvet


Review: JJ Knit Classic Joggers (Sinclair Patterns) & comparison with The Hudson Pant (True Bias)

I love joggers. I could totally live in them, if there weren't actually beautiful clothes.
Naturally I started sewing with a pair of joggers - but they are so ugly, no one (online) will ever see them, hehe. Since I was not satisfied with The Hudson Pant from True Bias I tried out a different pattern: The JJ Knit Classic Joggers from Sinclair Patterns. I compare the two in this post.

jj knit classic joggers sinclair sewing patterns diy minn's things cozy pants oversized


Another woven story - or - another heavily modified Sew diy Lou Box Top

Today I celebrate a whole month of weekly posting!
What's better to talk about than cat stuff, right?

modified sew diy lou box top sewing pattern cats woven blouse fabric minn's things alternative fashion waist skirt outfit


The cheetah sweatshirt

Have you ever bought a panel, because it was sooo beautiful, only to realize later at home that it's so small and split up you'll have a very hard time making a full item for yourself out of it?

That's exactly what happened to me with this beautiful cheetah panel - which was clearly made for kids' clothing. But of course I was already at home when I realized that. It took me a while and some thinking, but then I had an idea on how to make the item I wanted with the whole panel and nothing else.

cheetah fabric sweatshirt selfdrafted modified sewing pattern Minn's Things panel


New Year - Sports Edition - With Greenstyle Creations' Stride Athletic Tights

* Affiliate link - see post bottom

I've never shown any of my sports garments, so let's start this week with my first pair of sports leggings (like, ever)! 

minn's things sewing sports leggings greenstyle creations pattern stride athletic tights front view crop length calv