14 September 2020

New Indie Sewing Patterns [September 7-13 2020]

 Dear fellow sewists, 

I wish you a very successful and awesome new week. Have fun with the new patterns! 

New Indie Sewing Patterns September 2020

7 September 2020

New Indie Sewing Patterns & Updates [August 31 - September 6 2020]

Last week I already told you the news, that Cashmerette is expanding their sizes. Their patterns have been and will still be focused on plus sizes, but they now will add smaller sizes starting at 0 too. You can read more about Cashmerette's desicion in their blog post here. This week, as you'll see, quite a few other patterns have been re-released with extended size range (adding bigger sizes). It's nice to see that more and more designers listen to the community and update their patterns. 

New Indie Designers' Sewing Patterns - August 31 to September 6 2020


1 September 2020

New Indie Sewing Patterns & Updates [August 24-30 2020]

 Whew! 2020 may be the worst in certain aspects, but there are quite positive things too. Bluprint will continue and go back to being Craftsy, for example, and Cashmerette just announced they extend their size range and add smaller sizes - which I find awesome, since they do have great patterns. They'll keep their focus on plus sizes though, which is good, since basically every other designer is focused on smaller people anyways. 

This is a good chance to reflect a bit. Notice, how I like Cashmerette designs, but I don't buy their patterns, because I don't care enough to grad them down to my size myself? Yes, I'd definitely rather buy a pattern which includes my size. Now for many plus size people this is the case too, but much MUCH more often, since so many designers make their patterns only to size 20 or less. 

The sewing community needs more inclusivity. 

New Indie Sewing Patterns & Updates [August 24-30 2020]


24 August 2020

New Indie Sewing Patterns & Updates [August 17-23 2020]

I guess that's a big YAY for actually posting on time - finally! Happy new week :-) 

Stnading out on week's releases are several fit and flare tanks - looks like we have a new trend here. I can only agree, as tanks are one of my most worn and favourite items in the summer! 

As for the post title image, I have once again tried something new - remember I said I wanted to improve, get better at drawing doing this? I really should learn to draw better hands. I can copy my own pose, but I'm having major problems visualizing a certain hand then bringing that onto "paper". Uuurgh! 

Now that I look at it I think I should've left the hair blank. But enough with the reflections! Enjoy the new patterns! 


18 August 2020

New Sewing Patterns & Updates [August 10-16 2020]

Maybe I should make a meme out of myself - "says she's releasing it weekly so you can benefit from it - never manages to release it on time". Sure there must be a current meme that would be perfect. In the meantime, well, I guess you get used to it. Anyways, there haven't been many releases this week, I guess pattern designers to go on holidays like "normal" people too, haha. Have fun browsing through and don't forget to comment if you've found something you like ;-) 


11 August 2020

New Sewing Patterns & Updates [August 3-9 2020]

Last weeks new patterns! 
Time management, what is that? Can someone teach me? Anyways, read on and enjoy! 
New Indie Designer Sewing Patterns Updates Releases 2020 August Summer Inspiration


3 August 2020

New Sewing Patterns & Updates [July 27th - August 2nd 2020]

There were so many awesome new sewing patterns as well as updates released last week! Clearly summer is here and sewists can now enjoy it in new dresses, fabulous jumpsuits and flowy tops. Read on and check out the new patterns! 
New Indie Designer's Sewing Patterns & Updates 2020 July 27 August 2