Sometimes you just have to try something new - a woven story

I think if you have been sewing for some time you'll eventually want to dive into pattern hacking. Doesn't matter if you generally want to learn making your own patterns, can't find the exact design you are looking for or if you just want to save a bit of money.

I had this fabric in my stash and didn't know what to do with it. Perfect reason to try something new...


My one and only Hudson Pant (True Bias sewing pattern)

Minn's Things Hudson Pant sewing pattern true bias diy selfmade joggers review blogger
I spend a big part of my life in joggers - comfort rules! But RTW joggers are often made out of cheap fabric, fall apart in no time and recovery, what is that?

Sewing to the rescue! 

The Hudson Pant from True Bias is the first pattern I tried on my journey to get the perfect selfmade joggers.

Minn's Things Hudson Pant sewing pattern true bias diy selfmade joggers review side view


Another Suki Robe - So shiny! (Helen's Closet sewing pattern)

My lace Suki Robe was a huge success - it's one of my most worn me-mades! What's more natural then than making another one?

Minn's Things Suki Robe Sewing pattern Helen's Closet Hacked Short Satin Fabric


Free sewing pattern design - Back pocket

You love pockets. You don't understand, why 'fashion' seems to not know that. Why so many clothes come without pockets. Why even so many sewing patterns come without pockets.
Sounds familiar?

Long story below, short story here: I prepared my back pocket pattern for you and you'll find it here to download for free.

free sewing pattern back pocket for pants jeans skirts minn's things


Sewing a half circle skirt - Spinn me right round, Baby!

One of my sewing goals is to try out and wear more styles. After refusing to wear skirts and dresses for years, it is now time to explore the crotch-free world!

I've tried a wrap skirt, I've tried a pencil skirt, and now curtains up for the half circle skirt!

half circle skirt sewing Minn's Things calculator self drafted handmade diy free front view


Sewing pattern review: Nita wrap skirt from Sew diy

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of testing another pattern. 

In January I admitted that I never owned a pencil skirt, so I sewed my own (check out my Pirate Pencil Skirt here). Another garment I never owned is a wrap skirt. I've had wrap shirts, yes, though they do look a bit strange on me and they are definitely not my style - at least not anymore. But since then, I developed a lot - my mind as well as my body - and nowadays I think I made good progress defining my style. Now I just need to make the corresponding garments!

So when Beth from Sew diy offered me one of her patterns (as a 'thank you' for testing one of here awesome patterns, the Ali Sweatshirt), I just had to take the opportunity. There are many other posts about the Nita out there, and each one of them is such a beautiful make. I couldn't resist.

Was it worth it? Read on to find out!

Nita wrap skirt sew diy sewing pattern made by minn's things side view


'Hoo' let the Sun(ny Dress) out? 'Owl' present: A Friday Pattern Company sewing pattern

'Hoo'ray for owl puns!
I'm 'talon' you, there is a reason for this: Owl fabric!

The Sunny Dress was part of project SewMyStyle 2018 and - maybe you 'owl'ready guessed it - I made this a looot of months ago.
Take a cup of coffee or chocolate and read on about my make and what I think about this pattern.

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company