The cheetah sweatshirt

Have you ever bought a panel, because it was sooo beautiful, only to realize later at home that it's so small and split up you'll have a very hard time making a full item for yourself out of it?

That's exactly what happened to me with this beautiful cheetah panel - which was clearly made for kids' clothing. But of course I was already at home when I realized that. It took me a while and some thinking, but then I had an idea on how to make the item I wanted with the whole panel and nothing else.

cheetah fabric sweatshirt selfdrafted modified sewing pattern Minn's Things panel


New Year - Sports Edition - With Greenstyle Creations' Stride Athletic Tights

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I've never shown any of my sports garments, so let's start this week with my first pair of sports leggings (like, ever)! 

minn's things sewing sports leggings greenstyle creations pattern stride athletic tights front view crop length calv


New Year 2020 & Bodysuits (Feat. Kommatia Claire Cami sewing pattern)

Happy new year, happy 2020!
Another year is over, another new year lies ahead of us, so it is once again time to reflect and plan. And of course, there is a (more or less) new sewing project I'm showing you in this post.
It is - finally - a bodysuit.

Minn's things sewing claire cami bodysuit kommatia patterns front full view alternative style waist skirt

The perfect knit tank top (Sewing pattern 'Jolee' from Sinclair Patterns)

I have been searching for the perfect knit tank top sewing pattern for a long time - and I finally found it!
Yes, I know, clickbait doesn't really work when you already say everything in the title... *winkwink* awesome, lucky me doesn't like clickbait anyways!

Also, another topic: Since simply posting basic information about a make turned out to be a bit... well, boring, I may try to add a bit personality again. If you like that, feel free to keep reading... *morewinking*

jolee knit tank top sewing pattern sinclair minn's things alternative black slimfit front view


Sometimes you just have to try something new - a woven story

I think if you have been sewing for some time you'll eventually want to dive into pattern hacking. Doesn't matter if you generally want to learn making your own patterns, can't find the exact design you are looking for or if you just want to save a bit of money.

I had this fabric in my stash and didn't know what to do with it. Perfect reason to try something new...

minn's things woven shirt sewing selfmade pattern cotton


My one and only Hudson Pant (True Bias sewing pattern)

Minn's Things Hudson Pant sewing pattern true bias diy selfmade joggers review blogger
I spend a big part of my life in joggers - comfort rules! But RTW joggers are often made out of cheap fabric, fall apart in no time and recovery, what is that?

Sewing to the rescue! 

The Hudson Pant from True Bias is the first pattern I tried on my journey to get the perfect selfmade joggers.

Minn's Things Hudson Pant sewing pattern true bias diy selfmade joggers review side view


Another Suki Robe - So shiny! (Helen's Closet sewing pattern)

My lace Suki Robe was a huge success - it's one of my most worn me-mades! What's more natural then than making another one?

Minn's Things Suki Robe Sewing pattern Helen's Closet Hacked Short Satin Fabric