23 November 2020

New Releases of Indie Designers' Adult Sewing Patterns [Nov 16 - 22 2020]

New patterns of this week are as diverse as they can be. Besides dresses and tops we have new pants, skirts, cardigans, pyjamas and a "Chanel style" jacket! Even better for the 2020-budget: not one, not two, but three free patterns! Yay! 

Totals this week: 14 new patterns, 3 updated patterns, 3 free patterns; 

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16 November 2020

New Releases of Indie Designers' Adult Sewing Patterns [Nov 9 - 15 2020]

 Tops with striking statement details are this week's releases' feature. There's also new dresses, skirts and a new garment for male figures.

Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and read on to find inspiration & maybe your next favourite sewing project...

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9 November 2020

New Releases of Indie Designers' Adult Sewing Patterns [Nov 2 - 8 2020]

 This weeks new sewing pattern releases include a lot of relaxed-fit garments, statement sleeves, dungarees as well as a hoodie designed for the warrior in you. 

10 new patterns from 9 designers and one of it is optionally free! 

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2 November 2020

New Releases of indie Designers' Adult Sewing Patterns [Oct 26 - Nov 1 2020]

 Last week has been a bit calmer regarding sewing patterns. Quite a few patterns have been updated with an increased size range - so if you know someone who may have fallen out of the previous range, consider leaving them a message. 

Personally I am on the hunt for a coat pattern, so I'm pleased to see new releases of that kind. 

Grab a cup and enjoy! 

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26 October 2020

New Releases of Indie Designers' Adult Sewing Patterns [Oct 19 - 25 2020]

This week's sewing pattern releases are all about comfyness. Wether you are looking for hoodies, relaxed pants or a new coat, you've got it covered - and more. 

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19 October 2020

New Releases of indie Sewing Patterns [Oct 12 -18 2020]

 This week's sewing pattern releases are for people everywhere - we have nice jackets for those in the northern hemisphere, where winter is coming fast, but we also have new swimwear! 

And it's become almost weekly that more sewing patterns are updated to a new, increased size range. Good! 

Last but not least there's been a whole bundle of patterns released, that is designed specifically for alternative style. I am in love and you need to see this! 

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14 October 2020

New Releases of Indie Sewing Patterns [Sept 28 - Oct 11 2020]

I skipped a week, so here's the new sewing pattern releases of the last two weeks. Have fun!

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