8 June 2020

New sewing patterns & updates [May 2020]

Here's a list of new and updates patterns in May 2020! If you follow me on Instagram you might have read, that I first needed a few extra days because of a very sick cat and other personal stuff going on - and then I decided I'll wait until today, leaving the space open for Black People and using that time to listen to them and educate myself.
I realized almost every pattern designer I'm subscribed to is white. So I did some research and found a few new (to me) designers, so yay to more new patterns in the future! Sadly, none of them released a pattern in May, as far as I saw.
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8 May 2020

Faulty Fashion: How to shorten your jeans saving the original hem

Your jeans are too long? Don't spend another day of constantly stepping on the hem until it rips - take a few minutes and fix it! I show you how to achieve the perfect length in this post.

minn's things faulty fashion how to shorten jeans pants tutorial saving original hem pinterest like a professional


1 May 2020

New sewing patterns & updates [April 2020]

Here's a list of new sewing patterns released in April 2020. This month there's been a lot of free patterns released, as well as several size range updates. I hope you enjoy and find yourself inspired in this current situation.
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17 April 2020

How to make a corset - Part 1 (using the Lolita Underbust sewing pattern from Aranea Black)

Making a corset is quite a big work, so I decided to split it into two (or more) posts. Here's the first part about the first steps including discussing fabric options, the pattern and tools I highly recommend.

how to make a corset corsetmaking lolita underbust aranea black minn's things sewing pattern tutorial


10 April 2020

A very spring-y Rival Dress (George and Ginger sewing pattern review)

*I got the pattern for free for testing it, see end of post

Showing a dress with flower bulbs on it is only suitable in spring, right? Therefore, by waiting the rest of 2019 I actually can now post this dress at the correct season (well, for everyone north the equator at least). Yay!

the rival dress george and + ginger sewing pattern review minn's things blogger alternative fashion model


3 April 2020

A velvet Bell Sleeve Top (Ellie & Mac sewing pattern)

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of a blog tour in 2018. 
* Affiliate link - see page bottom

It's time for me to show you another old - very old - garment I've sewn years ago. This one is almost 2 years old and thanks to weight changes it now fits even worse than it did back then. 

I think I've done a pretty good job and I really love the details, but overall I can only put this one onto my list of sewing fails. 

ellie and mac sewing pattern bell sleeve top stretch velvet fabric dress minn's things alternative fashion model


31 March 2020

New sewing patterns [March 2020]

Here's a list of new sewing patterns from this month. I loved seeing such a list on another blog, but since they don't make that list anymore I decided to make it myself. I hope you enjoy and find yourself inspired in this current situation.
This list is not intended to be exhaustive. If you know other new patterns (for women's clothing), that were released in march, please tell me in the comments. As I started with this list mid-month it is quite likely that I missed something.

new sewing patterns indie released march 2020 update list top