24 November 2015

DIY friendship bracelet - Cat paw pattern

Ideas on how to make DIY friendship bracelets with a cat paw pattern.

DIY friendship bracelet with button clasp in grey and royal blue
The finished bracelet but without the clasp yet

Do you love cats as much as I do? Then make this friendship bracelet with a cat paw pattern! 

Yeah, I know, I love almost every animal. But for me there is something special about cats. They have such strong minds, they are fluffy killer machines and, as science will find out in 2017, they really love us ;-)
Maybe you can already guess this. I have two cats, adorable sisters. They are chartreuxs, which is a kind of royal breed in my opinion. 

It has been a long time that I wanted to show my love and make a friendship-bracelett with the paw pattern. 

What you need: 

  • The pattern. As said I used the paw pattern, which you can find here.
    By the way, I find it is a very easy to use pattern. There are knot instructions below to help if you don't know the different knots. 
  • 8 strings. 3 in one colour for the paws (I used grey here, obviously because my cats are grey) and 5 in another colour for the background (a royal blue was my choice here) 

Then just follow the pattern - finished! 

This was just the second time for me to make a knotted friendship-bracelet. My first one was very simple and used only simple knots to the left and the right. You probably did that too when you were younger. You know, those simple friendship bracelet most girls have at one point? 
Unfortunately I started without looking at the knot instructions below so my first try didn't went well. But as you can see, it worked out then (after reading the instructions) and though it may not be perfect I love it and am happy to wear it kind of to honor my cats. 

Here you can see the clasp of the bracelet (a button): 

Button clasp on a DIY friendship bracelet

And here it is with the other bracelets I'm currently wearing: 

DIY friendship bracelet with button clasp in grey and royal blue

If you use this pattern and make one too, please link your photo or blogpost in a comment below! I'd like to see other pieces made by you.

This time I used very long strings, which is why I had very long strings left when I finished. So I decided to make another small bracelet out of them. Just right-right-knots and also the button: 

DIY simple bracelet using leftovers from friendship bracelet
Button clasp on a simple DIY bracelet

Last note: I know they look a bit "hairy". That is because my cats played with the strings and so their fur got all over it ;-)

Do you know similar patterns, did you try them? 

Have a good sleep today, 


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