20 August 2016

DIY birthday present card for grandpa

For his 80th birthday my grandpa gets a book with wishes/notes/cards etc. from all his family and friends.
So everybody makes a page with whatever he wants to write/wish/tell etc. him.

This is my piece:



1 großes Stück Glück
10 Löffel Gesundheit
2 Tassen Lebensenergie
1 Hand voll Kraft und Mut
1 Prise Abenteuer

Die Zutaten sorgfältig auf die 365 Tage des neuen Lebensjahres verteilen und genießen.

Alles Liebe zum 80er ...

ENGLISH (translation):

Birthday recipe

1 big piece of Luck
10 spoons health
2 cups vital energy
1 handful of strength and spirit
1 pinch of adventure

Carefully spread the ingredients on the 365 days of the new year of age and enjoy.

Happy birthday...

It was easy done. Just wrote it on a piece of white printer paper (cheap one) with permanent marker, then added the rainbow colour gradient using watercolour. I cut it a little bit smaller and glued it between two blue paper sheets. The upper one of course needs a window cut out. This way the back of it is blue and not a cheap white with the colours shining through.
Important note: When using watercolour on cheap paper, it can get wavy. To get it flat again simply put it under a lot of weight for a few days.


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