16 August 2016

Outfit - The classic grunge

Lately I am very much into grunge outfits. You can see that on my Pinterest Outfit Board (click). But I don't like to destroy my jeans on purpose and even more I don't buy ripped clothes, so you won't find that in my wardrobe.

Jacket: Vero Moda; Shoes: Deichmann; Jeans: Levi's; 

I really love this leather jacket, but I don't wear it much. Those big spikes on the shoulders are very eye-catching and most of the time I'm better off unnoticed. That's just who I am.

T-shirt: Forever21; Plain shirt: approx. 10 years old, sooo... don't know! 
That's pretty much what I currently wear the most. Except on hot days of course.

And a funny shot to end: One of my cats (Kleopatra) found my shooting very interesting.

Curious Kleopatra
She is the most delicate cat in the world. Point.


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