28 August 2016

The cheapest dress I ever bought

Okay I admit, a lucky find like this doesn't happen often. Also I now prefer to make such awesome garments myself - still can't say no when it is something with lace. 

I bought this dress at a flea market for 2€!
It was organized by a local animal shelter and of course the earnings were for them too. Normally it would have cost 4€ (wow) but I helped out there, so I got it cheaper. As this is for helping animals I would have paid more, but stupid me forgot the money and 2€ was all I had in my pockets *sadface*.
It's in perfect shape, I just had to fix some threads that were hanging out, nothing big.

The next flea market is in september and as I will help out again, I'm hoping to find another amazing piece like this one.


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