26 September 2016

New Raincoat, new love

Usually spring is the so called season for change. 
For me it was this summer. 

Change doesn't have to be good or bad. Change can be both. We have to hold onto the good stuff and let the bad stuff go. 


End of summer outfit: 

Aaand new raincoat... The only rainjacket I had was a very ugly 10 years old one in light blue.
I saw this one at Kleider machen Leute (click) in Linz/Austria and fell in love.

It's the Noon Coat (Style No. 1238/01) by Rains.

Their products are EcoTex 100 certified, which is probably the best certification a raincoat can have, as obviously those can't be made out of 100% cotton (50% polyurethane and 50% polyester used for this one).
By best I mean in ecological terms.


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