3 September 2016

Neckline, the second, but different

I didn't like the neckline on this shirt, but a quick refashion project solved this problem! 

DIY Refashioning make a new neckline

Quick and easy shirt refashioning DIY. 
You know the band Oomph! ? If not, try them. They're one of my alltime favourites. So of course I need to have band shirts. But though I got the girl shirts, their fit is ... 
Well, not exactly flattering. I actually like my waistline, just not in these shirts. 
No problem, I want to wear them anyways! 
But - yes, another but - due to the very high neckline and the very thick cotton, it's so cruelly hot wearing them. No, not the sexy hot. Anyone wearing black in summer knows, you gotta consider a few things. Don't cover your whole body with thick, black cotton (that's what I felt like here). 

End of last year, I did my last neckline-changing, at which I had to add fabric to prevent my boobs from falling out. 
Here I wanted to remove fabric to get a lower neckline. I thought this would bring more air to my skin, resulting in less heat. 
I can spoiler now, yes it worked *evil laugh* ! 

Before scissors
I had already marked the cutting when I remembered to take before-photos, so sorry about that. 
Marking was easy done, just measure the centern front and back, the shoulders and some points between that and draw the line. 

Then I cut it out with 1 cm seam allowance (never forget that) and using a twin-needle I sewed the new neckline. Done!

As I spoilered before, it really feels less hot in it and yes, I actually wear it more often now.


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