5 February 2017

DIY bracelet with beads

My dear friendship bracelets, which I made in 2015 (post about one of them here (click)) didn't make it into 2017.
As my arm suddenly felt naked (only 2 left) a new one was needed:

I have no pictured instructions, as this is just too easy.

Items needed:

  • Beads. Different sizes / colours as you wish; just make sure, their hole is big enough for your wire!
  • Wire. Not too thick (needs to fit through beads); flexible enough to wrap around your hand and to make knots. 
  • Bracelet clasp. Choose the type you want. I used a lobster claw and for this you need an extra
  • Small ring. To close the clasp. Should be the same type of metal. 
  • Wire cutter or scissors. Do not use scissors you need to stay sharp (e.g. if you use them for fabric cutting). 
  • A needle. Or something similar thin. Very important! 

Tie the wire on the clasp (or metal ring).
Cut it in the length you need (to wrap around your wrist plus AT LEAST 5cm to make knots).
String the beads. Vary between sizes and colours as you like. Check the length around your wrist regularly!
Tie the end on the clasp (or metal ring) - of course the other one than in the first step. Use the needle to place the knot extra tight!
Add more rows as you wish. Tie them onto the same connections.

Two rows were perfect for me. 

My wrist is happy and now looks like this: 


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