25 February 2017

Refashioning a dress that doesn't fit your style anymore

Finally a new refashioning project. A small project I have to admit as there was not much to do. 

The story

Many many years ago I bought this dress. I don't remember, but I think I got it at Orsay and I thought it is such a cute summer dress. I wore it no more then 5 times. And the last time was for lunch with my family. There was a good salad, really so so good because there was pumpkin seed oil on it and I just can't resist, this is the best oil to use on a salad. I love it so much. 

Maybe you'll already know how this story ends. Me and pumpkin seed oil? Well, there is a reason why I now always wear black when I plan on eating a salad with pumpkin seed oil. I know I almost always wear black anyways, but imagine it like this: If one special day I have not black clothes on, I refuse. I do not eat the salad. And by the way, for everybody not living in Austria, try that oil. Just do it. 
Anyways, of course after that lunch the pretty dress had oil stains on it. And I tried all methods. It was lying in the sun for several days. Curd soap, vodka, letting it soak for hours. I even tried to bleach it. After all those treatments the stains were brightened, but still visible. I gave up, put it in the wardrobe and forgot it. 

But now I finally want to get my wardrobe updated and fix / refashion / change / at least give away every garment I own. Sooner or later I needed to think of something to do with that dress. 

The dress

White dress (Orsay) before Refashioning

Even though I bought it when I was about 15 (I am now 25) it still fits surprisingly well. This is probably due to the bit of stretch it has in the top part. So no adjustments to size were needed, fortunately. The zipper on the side goes a little rough but still works. Good for me. I think you won't see the stains but there is a big one on my left thigh (picture above). Tell me if you see it ;-) 
In general the dress is too white for me. As I said I almost always wear black and this is, well, just too much white. The back of it is completely white except for the pattern at the bottom of the skirt. 
And yes, I know it is not ironed. And after lying in the wardrobe for years there just have to be some many folds. 

My goal

First I wanted to hide the stains. Second I wanted it to get more black. 
I could have dyed it or painted it black. Maybe something matching the pattern it already has. Or make the whole dress black. But it would have made the pattern invisible and I think this is something that makes the dress better, so I wanted it to be seen. 
I remembered then I still have some black silk scarfs, which I bought in september at a flea market (earnings were for an animal shelter). 

Black silk scarf used to refashion an old white dress

I wanted to make headbands out of them, but I have 3 or 4 of those scarfs so no problem to use one of them for this.

The making

This is no tutorial because I think it is just so easy, everybody can do that.
You'll need a sewing machine, thread, scissors... the usual. But it can also be done by hand-sewing, just would take longer time.
I just pinned it on where I wanted it and sewed it on. As the scarf was a bit broader than the part of the dress I made some folds. I cut it at the end to have it the same length as the dress and it was done.
The scarf was long enough to use it on the front and the back. This leaves the side parts open and the white dress stays visible here.

The result

Refashioned white dress with black silk scarf

Refashioned white dress with black silk scarf

Refashioned white dress with black silk scarf

 It was easy to make and I love the result. It looks way more dark than before and the stains are hidden. With a little breeze it surely will wave beautiful.
I accomplished my goals and hopefully I find many opportunities to wear it as soon as it gets warm enough.


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