25 April 2017

Refashioning: Knit dress goes asymmetrical

I didn't like this knit dress very much, but after I turned it into a top with asymmetrical hem, it became one of my most worn autumn/winter wardrobe pieces. 

Before Refashioning

So I had this knit dress. As most of my refashioning items this too is very old, I guess I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago. Loved wearing it to work with tights and nice boots or heels, but since I started studying I never wore it again. I realized I hate the collar. It feels like a turtleneck and I didn't like the look of it. 

Detailled view of the collar

It was on my refashioning stash for quite some time and I looked at it very often but never saw what I wanted to change. Last week I tried again and finally got some thoughts of what it should become.

First I removed the small belt loops it had at the sides waist high. I didn't need them anymore.

The belt loops I removed 

This was the easy part, haha. 
I quickly decided I just want a normal round collar. So I only had to tuck the fabric into the hole for the head and pin it, followed then by the hard part: the sewing. 

This is what the new collar should look like

Have you sewn a knit fabric? I haven't, all my experience in sewing was with woven fabrics. Until this delightful project came up. Now I have a normal sewing machine, I have needles with rounded tips, I even have a twin needle. I don't have a serger and no walking foot. Those would be helpful when sewing knits but no, I did not want to order them now and have to wait for the delivery. 
To be honest, at first I thought "Oh why should there be a problem with knits?" and just started sewing with my jersey needle and a zigzag-stitch. Imagine the outcome? The whole collar was totally stretched out, it looked horrible. This fabric obviously didn't like it. 

So I cut off a small piece of the big collar to try out different stitches. With jersey needle I tried straight, stretch and zigzag-stitch. None of them worked. Then I switched to twin needle. Zigzag didn't work, stretch stitch did stretch it out a little, way less then the other stitches, but still noticeable. The straight stitch with the twin needle miraculously worked! No stretch at all! 

The result of the new collar

Then I tried it on, loved the new collar and started to think about the rest. Let it stay as a dress? No. Make a normal sweater? Looked too boring. Hmm... I decided to browse a bit through Pinterest and my collected refashioning ideas there. An idea was found: it's going to be asymmetrical!

Put the dress on, draw a line with chalk, cut and sew - yes it really was that easy. As it was going to be asymmetrical, there is no need to care if it is straight or whatever.

The new asymmetrical hemline

At this point, not enough was done for me, so a pocket needed to be created. Very simple, almost no effort, just draw it with chalk, cut it from the leftover bottom and sew it on.

The pocket

Now it was finished! If you noticed, I used two different blues on my twin needle. I think it took me about 3 or 4 hours for everything, including the streched hems I had to remove and all the thinking and looking for ideas.
By the way, to all those who have a problem with it: Sorry for all the lint and cat hair.


And this is what it looks like paired with normal jeans:


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