22 October 2017

Faulty Fashion: Stitch holes up using thread as embroidery

Got a hole in your favourite shirt?
The jeans you love so much ripped apart?

You don't have to throw it away. There are many ways to fix your clothes easy and fast.
As in this post, simply stitch the hole together and use the thread to make a beautiful embroidery.

Faulty Fashion is a series of posts to help when your clothes have flaws.
So far this includes the following posts:

faulty fashion how to fix broken torn clothes garments tutorial series minn's things

Stitch the hole up and use the thread as embroidery

If you know embroidery, you know the beautiful stitches and how you can use them in a creative way. If you don't know the stitches, you can look them up at the spruce or search for them online, there are so many websites with good information.  Or you just stitch as you like (which I did, as I had no idea about embroidery).

Anyways, this method to deal with holes is easy as usual, just requires a bit of creativity - and I strongly believe everyone has that.

All you need is a needle and contrast-coloured thread (otherwise you won't see your beautiful embroidery). Choose sewing thread or embroidery thread depending on what your finished touch-up should look like.

Think of a design.
If you need a little help, some of my ideas would be: different types of stars, rose, ladybug, an animals face, flower, emoji, bone, pumpkin, zipper, mushroom... the possibilities are endless!

Now all you need to do is stitch up the hole as well as your design around it. I promise this won't take you 5 minutes.

My makes: 

DIY Refashioning how to fix small holes in shirts clothes using thread as embroidery
Here I used the thread to make a star shaped design

DIY Refashioning how to fix small holes in shirts clothes using thread as embroidery
Another hole now looks like a rose

How do you deal with holes in your clothes?


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