8 December 2017

Sewing a Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten pattern)

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of a blog tour. 
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This blog tour was all about Seamingly Smitten's* versatile sewing patterns. I chose the Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho*, which I'll review and show you below.

As part of our blog tour, Seamingly Smitten were so nice to gift me a pattern for free. As usual you will find only my honest opinion here.

Now let's finally take a look at my poncho:

Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

I usually prefer close-fitting tops and I never liked those cowl necked RTW shirts that are sold by the big companies. They just were not flattering on me. But lately I have seen a lot of ponchos and I wanted to try one. After seeing some Catherine Ponchos sewn up by others, I knew this pattern could be the one.

The Pattern

I have never sewn a poncho. I have never sewn a hoodie. This pattern is great as a first-ever.
I had no problems with printing and assembling. There is a lot of information on the pattern pieces themselve, don't overlook that.

The pattern offers quite a lot of options: cowl neck or cowl hoodie; optional kangaroo pocket; poncho width in petite or regular; poncho hem length in petite, regular or tall; poncho sides straight or curved;
My version is a size S with regular width and lenght, straight sides, kangaroo pocket and a cowl hoodie. If you now think those many options sound pretty complicated, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, the only complicated thing here is choosing what you want.

Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

After you have decided and cut out your pieces, just follow the instructions and you're good to go. Well, almost. While it is really nice that the instructions include pictures, better don't rely on them alone, as they are not enough without the text and they do not show everything you need to do. Be careful when attaching the cowl neck/hoodie to your poncho, the picture doesn't show the orientation correctly. This confused me at first, but some thinking made clear how the hoodie should be attached.
Also I hemmed the opening of the hoodie before attaching it to the poncho. I think that is easier as you don't have to move around the whole, probably heavy piece. Works either way.

Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

In generell I think this is a fast pattern. Assembling, cutting, sewing - nothing takes a long time as it is such an easy pattern. I worked on it for two days, a few hours each. Most time is needed to hem the poncho - get yourself a big cup of your favourite coffee or tea for this, you will feel like it takes ages.

The Fabric

I used a black so called leggings-elastic. It's a jersey knit made out of 97% cotton and 3% spandex.
I bought it at the austrian company Stoffcorner - click here to get to the fabric on their site (it's all in german though). The fabric is soft and feels high-quality.

Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

Future Plans

Yes I totally want to make another Catherine Poncho. My inner eye sees some thick and cuddly fabric and of course a hoodie again.
I really love hoodies.

Now go get your Seamingly Smitten* patterns!

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Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

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