31 December 2017

Sewing Greenstyle Creations' Green Tee

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Last summer I sewed this Green Tee by Greenstyle Creations*. Sorry it took me so long to finally make photos and show you! 

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt

The pattern

Edit February 2020: Greenstyle Creations has just updated their files for the Green Tee. They have added more sizes (now from size B to M / bust 30 to 61" / hips 32 to 62"), the pattern has more ease built in then before and they have added separate projector files. 

The Green Tee is a basic t-shirt sewing pattern. It has options for a v- or scoop neck, is short sleeved and semi-fitted. 
Attention please: Join GC's Facebook group page to get the pattern for free! Otherwise it would cost $10,- but you better spend that money on another pattern, right? As a bonus you can find a lot of inspirational posts as well as all the help you need in that group. 

The pattern comes with excellent instructions. Although GC gives this pattern away for free, they had the same dedication to provide great instructions as they do with their other, not free patterns. Even the steps for the v-neck are so well explained, I (who had never done a v-neck before) did not have to look for extra help on how to make it! Please take a moment here to appreciate that. 

Okay, next thing, the sizing. To be honest, I do think it is correct and good. Now take another look at my pictures and see, it doesn't look like the perfect fit, does it? 

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt review

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt back

Seriously, it fits good enough for me. Spoiler: I love it and I wear it often and I have no problems regarding the fit. 
But for future makes, there are two things I would change: 
First, grade the hips to one size bigger. My body is slightly pear shaped, meaning my hips are just a liiittle bit wider as my shoulders are. I made a straight size S even though I saw in the size chart that would be too tight on my hips. And it is. Of course the knit counteracts that a bit. Still, I would definitely grade there. 
Second, by now I am certain that I need a sway back adjustment. This excess fabric at the back happens to me at every selfmade garment, every pattern, every designer (up to now). I still don't know much about the science called fitting, but I've read enough to be pretty sure here. 

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt side

I know I said above how great the v-neck instructions are. They totally are. Still, if my very first v-neck was perfect, I would be expected to run big fashion shows tomorrow - which I do not, therefore my v is a bit wonky. 

That doesn't matter though. As you can see below it's just the center that is a little bit crooked. It has no sewn-in wrinkles, doesn't curl and sits very well. I topstitched the neckline using a twin needle. 

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt v-neck
V-neck option 

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt hemline
Bottom hemline using twin needle

 My fabric

I used elastic jersey, which has 95% cotton and 5% lycra. I couldn't find official information about the stretch, but it does stretch more than the recommended 50%. 
It's actually grey with white, black and rose coloured kitties on it. Winter light makes it difficult to catch the true colours in photos. The two detail photos are closest to reality. 
The fabric is store-bought in Austria but they don't have it anymore - sadly, I actually like it very much. 

Sewing free Greenstyle Creations Green Tee t-shirt back side


I think, this is a great basic pattern. Easy to use and makes a nice garment. And it is free! I actually do wear a lot of simple t-shirts and I am sure I will make more of this. Probably will hack it a bit in the future, right after I got the perfect fit.

Now, hands up who wears clothes with kitties on them too?!
And by the way, I am curious, do you guys prefer v-neck, scoop neck or another?

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  1. Love it! i like v necks the best.

    1. Thank you Angie! V-necks are very flattering, I love them too (obviously, haha!)

    2. Very cute! I like V necks and big scoop necks too.

    3. Thanks Diane! I also like big scoop necks - but no small scoops for me :-)

  2. I really like your green tee from GC.
    It depends which type of garment it is. But on a t-shirt, I prefer a V-neck or a deep scoop neck. I just made the builder t from Wardrobe by me. I choose the "normal" scoop neck and I don't really like the result. I should have choosen the V-neck.

    1. Thank you Elke! I totally agree - I just made a sweatshirt and love the normal scoop neck, but I also prefer V or deep scoops on t-shirts. They just look better!