5 January 2018

Sewing the Lou Box Dress 2 (Sew DIY Pattern)

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of the testing. 

Do you love drapey fabrics? Loose fit but a defined waist? Maybe even a low back?
Then this dress might be the one for you!

Sewing pattern Lou Box Dress 2 by Sew DIY

Lovely Beth from Sew DIY gave me the opportunity to test one of her two new patterns, the Lou Box Dress 2. For testing, the pattern has been given to me for free. As usual you will find only my honest opinion here.
Picture from the Sew DIY Online Shop

This dress is loose-fitting but with a gathered waist. It features a ballet neckline, scoop pockets, dolman sleeves and a knee length skirt. Two different views expand the possiblities: either three-quarter length sleeves or - which I made - full-length tapered sleeves and a low scoop back. 

The Lou Box Dress 2 can be made with knits and woven fabrics, the instructions are included for both! 

Sewing pattern Lou Box Dress 2 by Sew DIY side view

The pattern

The pattern is very beginner-friendly. Due to the loose fit you don't need to expect many fitting adjustments. I made a size S bodice and graded up to M at the hip. The gathered waist uses an elastic band and every step is very well described in the instructions. 
In generell the instructions are at great length. There are all kinds of sewing tips. Instructions for both woven and knit fabric. Other useful notes. 

Sewing pattern Lou Box Dress 2 by Sew DIY back view

The sewing steps are detailed. I had no moment where I couldn't see what I'm supposed to do. This was my first elastic waistband and it worked just fine. 

Sewing pattern Lou Box Dress 2 by Sew DIY crepe crash satin drapey light fabri

The fabric

Drapey, light-weight fabric makes the shape of this dress. 
This is where I am not satisfied with my make. Oh yes sure, I love the skirt part. That is so not any problem. I made the skirt using crash satin (100% polyethylene). 
Here's what I don't like: My bodice doesn't drape as I want it to. It is very drapey but it tends to make weird folds. And there is a reason for that: cheap fabric. I fell in love with that flower pattern and had to try it. The company where I bought it doesn't even state what kind of fabric it is and which fiber it's made of. I can only guess it is some kind of crêpe made with synthetic fibers. 

The fabric is unbelievably far off grain. The whole piece is crooked. Of course I saw this when I was back at home, who do you think I am? 
Anyways, I stretched it a lot to make it at least "kind of straight". But this fabric does not like to be stretched at all. It got weirder and weirder until I gave up, lined it up as good as I could and cut the damn thing. 

Naah, of course it's not that bad. I wore it to three christmas parties and I got a lot of compliments. I am still quite happy with it. And it's a pleasure to wear, because it so so damn soft. 

Sewing pattern Lou Box Dress 2 by Sew DIY front view

Will I make it again? 

Well, I am at a point where I have more than enough dresses and really shouldn't make another one. But making the Lou Box 2 in a light, comfy knit sounds very tempting...

What do you think? Another dress YAY or NAY?



  1. I LOVE your version! The fabric is so pretty and I love how you did the skirt in black, really a beautiful combo. I'm on the same page with not needing any dresses, but the pattern is so tempting! Great make!

    1. Trish, thank you so much! Dresses just look sooo pretty, makes it very hard to resist... ;-)

  2. You look so pretty! I love it!! I always admire how you bring your own style and really make it your own by fabric choice!

    1. Thank you so much, funny I think the same way about you - I guess finding our own style is a great achievement for us sewists!