7 March 2018

Sewing the Penny Leggings by Sinclair Patterns

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free to review it. 
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I was recently gifted the Penny Leggings* from Sinclair Patterns, but as usual you'll find nothing but my honest opinions here. In fact this pattern found me at just the right time. I am in desperate need of more pants, especially ones for higher temperatures.

sewing penny leggings sinclair patterns back bootie view
Back view first because why not? I love how there are no underwear lines showing thanks to my GC No Show Thongs.

So these are the first leggings I ever made, though not the first pants ever. Years ago I made one and a half pair of whatever-pants - one is a nice home lounging pants 'til now, the other never got used as it turned out too small (I call it a half because I never finished it).

Details about the Penny Leggings* sewing pattern

Special here is that these leggings have only one inner side seam - no other leg seams and no separate crotch piece. This makes it a very fast sew and only one piece to adjust if needed.

Not unusual for Sinclair patterns the pattern comes in three separate files (petite, regular and tall) which all have layered sizes. Just recently I've sewn a pattern which had no layers and this reminded me just how comfortable and useful it is to have the option to print only the size(s) you need.

The instructions are great. There is a lot of information regarding sizing (oh oh, but read my experience on this below!), fabric choice, sewing techniques, grading, and and and.
The instructions themselves include photos and every detail needed. I had no problems with understanding any of the steps and everything worked at the first time.

sewing penny leggings sinclair patterns front view
Front view. I think you can see how tight it is here. 

I had problems with the sizing though. My measurements put me straight in between sizes 8 and 10. Now the instructions suggest to take the smaller size when in between. They also call for at least 50% two-way stretch. Let me tell you one thing: if your fabric has exactly 50% stretch, and you're in between sizes, take the bigger one.
A more experienced sewist probably knows this already, but I am still learning with every project. It's not that bad though, obviously I can wear them. It's just that I can barely squeeze them over my bootie and while they are still actually pretty comfortable to wear I don't think they will last long due to the strong stretching.

My bat fabric once again is from Lillestoff, who make the cutest designs. It's a (certified) organic cotton lycra so called summer sweat. The black fabric is also a summer sweat, but 100% cotton. I added an elastic band at the waist, which is recommended and included in the instructions of the pattern.

I had the feeling you liked my three style ideas in my last post, so I decided to try that again - which proved to be a bit difficult because of my very limited wardrobe. This reminded me that I still need to sew a lot of different clothes, oh such a pity *winkyface*

sewing penny leggings sinclair patterns sporty athletic style inspiration idea sneakers top
Typical sporty style: Leggings with sports top and sneakers.

sewing penny leggings sinclair patterns style inspiration ideas flat shoes flowy cute top shirt spring summer fairy dreamy
Another idea: Pair your leggings with flowy tops or tunics and flats - perfect for spring and summer!

sewing penny leggings sinclair patterns style inspiration ideas comfy hoodie legwarmers winter cold pullover
And for the current weather: Put on a hoodie or pullover and some legwarmers for extra comfort. #embracedabooty

I've already decided I need more of these - but next time I'll choose a fabric with more stretch or I'll make a size bigger. I can also imagine quite a few hacks - think pockets or cut-outs.

UPDATE: Check out my new Penny Jeggings

And by the way, visit Sewjourns to see her beautiful selfmade garments. Special thanks for setting me up with this great pattern!

How do you prefer to wear your leggings?

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