Sewing for autumn and winter: Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of the testing. 

Here's one very new pattern: The Ali Sweatshirt by Sew Diy!
It's a loose fit sweatshirt and could become your new best friend for the upcoming autumn and winter.

Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt sewing pattern made by Minnsthings

Lovely Beth let me test her new pattern - the Ali Sweatshirt!
For testing I was sent the pattern for free (as is usual) but rest asure you'll find only my honest opinion here.

Here's what the released pattern looks like - I made it as the pattern is, no changes at all:

Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt sewing pattern made by Minnsthings

Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt sewing pattern made by Minnsthings

The different pattern pieces are perfect to use different fabrics. I used a very lightweight, seethrough knit for the yoke and sleeves on this version, which makes it nice for not-too-cold autumn days.

There was also a previous version, where the sleeves were a bit baggier. For this one I used sweat knits all over and this is what that would look like:

Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt sewing pattern made by Minnsthings          Sew Diy Ali Sweatshirt sewing pattern made by Minnsthings

I have to admit, both are sooo comfortable! At first I was thinking "Of course I'll make another one or two or more!". Now I'm trying to think of some hacks.

Do you think it would look good with a zipper? Casual front or even in the back?
I guess I'm over to Pinterest looking for inspiration now!



  1. Looks lovely! I want to sew a couple of sweaters—I left my favorite one in Brazil—and this one looks like a good option. Can you hack it into a cosy sweater dress?

    1. Thanks Paula! Hacking long should be easy, just elongate it at the bottom I guess? Or if you don't care for the yoke, maybe the Lou Box Dress 1 from Sew Diy could be something for you? I think they are drafted from the same block so should be similarly loose.
      Anyway I hope you find a new favourite - I know it sucks losing something you love.

  2. Love this hoodie. I think the zip might look awesome. Maybe even some cool side zips at the hips maybe like 6” long?
    Either way, it looks great!
    Just found your blog & insta. I love your style, it is amazzingg.

    1. Thank you Kahleigh! Ooooh, side zips sound very exciting, that is such a rocking idea!