8 January 2019

Happy new year - My (sewing) resolutions 2019

Once again a new year has started. Though I am not the type of person, that makes 'New year resolutions' - I prefer to make them whenever during the year a change is needed - I do like to use this opportunity to reflect on my sewing, my blog and do a bit of planning.

Minn's Things 2019 new year resolutions for sewing blogging

Now I know, I know - I am clearly not among the "best bloggers" (whatever that is meant to be). One long pause follows after another. Every marketing person would have a mental breakdown looking at how I absolutely 'fail' to follow the 'general rules of blogging'.

But I see on my analytics, that quite a few of you are coming back regularly. Big thank you to those, as well as everyone else. It is so nice to see, that there are people interested in what I do!

Reflecting on 2018...

During last year I've sewn about 20 new items, all for myself. Most of them are not on the blog (yet), though I plan on showing you (hopefully soon). Also most of them get worn, more or less, but I do wear them. 
I also repaired about 8 pieces of old clothing. Fixed holes, hemmed pants, inserted new elastics,...

Overall, last year was a big success regarding sewing. I learned a lot and used new techniques. I bought a bunch of fabrics in January, but kept my fabric expenses low for the rest of the year. Some of my older fabrics were used and I'd say my stash is now about the same size as a year ago. 

Basically this totally reflects my general sewing style. Slow fashion, sustainability, usability - just to name a few keywords. I like to take my time, think about it a lot, spend hours planning. This does work best for me, because I tend to do mistakes when I rush things - and I hate mistakes, I reaaally don't like that my seam ripper is both my best friend and my worst enemy. 

Now, regarding RTW... I feel no guilt buying clothes, as long as I follow a few self set rules: 
  • buy only stuff I need &
  • stuff I will actually wear &
  • I must either do not want to sew it (at least at time of need) or have no time to sew it (also at time of need) - or sometimes even simply can't sew (make) it

Maybe by now you can already guess it - I bought a few cloths from shops. Bras, thermo tights and one scarf, unless I forgot something. But I stayed within my rules, so this is fine.
Still, I am looking forward to the day I wear mostly, later exclusively self-sewn items. The main reasons why I sew - to have unique clothes, that fit me - stay the same.

My blog took big steps last year, even though I didn't actually post that much. Traffic grew as it never did before, mostly thanks to Pinterest and Instagram and - as said before - I have more returning visitors than I ever dreamed of.

Minn's Things 2019 new year resolutions for sewing blogging

Resolutions & plans for 2019

Regarding sewing stuff

Mostly I want to keep it as it was 2018, though I have some new ideas: 
  • Sew only things I need & will wear (at least try to)
  • No pattern testing unless the rule above applies
  • Use up (most of) my stash of fabrics, then buy only as needed for projects
  • Finally make that pincushion
  • Keep detailled track of my sewing projects: 
    • Make an inspirational drawing before the sewing process starts
    • Take notes of chosen size, any changes, any problems etc. to give you all the information possible
  • Expand my skills: Embroidery, jewellry & hat making, maybe even shoes

Regarding blog stuff

This one is hard. Now, after 27 years of getting to know myself, I think I have a pretty good idea of how I work and function - though, of course, I keep changing as everyone does. 
So, here's what I'll try: 
  • Most importantly: Post more often
  • Therefore: Reduce my backlog of not-blogged sewing projects, starting now
  • Then: Start with the blogpost as soon as a project is finished
  • Also: A few blog changes are needed, e.g. finally making that logo
  • Along with that: Update Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram too

Over the last months, while I didn't post much, I updated a lot of old posts and changed the visual appearance of the blog. I am quite happy now with how it looks and behaves, but there will always be ways to make something better. Some ways are already planned, others will come along on the way I'm sure.

Most important is, that I still enjoy blogging - maybe even more now than before.

Again, big thank you to everyone reading my posts! The online sewing community is big, yet growing further every day, and it is so awesome! Over the last years I found many interesting people and there are still so many more out there. 

Now, over to you... 

Do you make resolutions? Any special ones for sewing and/or blogging? 



  1. What a nice list. I am trying not to buy too much fabric, failed already..

    1. Thank you, Delphine! I know, it's so hard to resist. When I have to go to a shop, I try to kind of 'bribe' myself - meaning I can have another treat, if I only buy the stuff I need ;-) Sweets, my favourite drink, or taking some time off for special 'me'-activity for example

  2. Your dedication is so impressive- is love to sew more as I love customising but just don’t have the time. Loving this blog look! Very clear and easy to read !keep it up!

    1. Mel, thank you so much, means a lot! Oooh pretty please, your posts are already so inspiring, I think my head would explode x_x