17 February 2019

Faulty Fashion: Cover holes with (selfmade) patches

Got a hole in your favourite shirt?
The jeans you love so much ripped apart?

You don't have to throw it away. There are many ways to fix your clothes easy and fast.
As in this post, simply stitch the hole together and then conceal it using one of many options.

Faulty Fashion is a series of posts to help when your clothes have flaws.
So far this includes the following posts:

faulty fashion how to fix broken torn clothes garments tutorial series minn's things

The idea is very simple: Take a fabric patch and cover the hole with it. If the hole is small, you can sew it up before adding the patch. On wovens, which tend to fray, it is better to secure the hole - stitch it closed or stitch around it to prevent further opening.

Now, the patches. Obviously, you can buy them - such as this cute kitty:
Picture and product from Stoffe.de

Then there is another option: Design and make them yourself!
Here are my versions of DIY patches, which I made and used to repair my lounge pants - I admit, they are ugly ;) and next time I promise I'll make something more artistic:

faulty fashion pants holes cover selfmade patches sewing diy repair
Selfmade patches cut and sewn onto pants

faulty fashion pants holes cover selfmade patches sewing diy repair
Selfmade patch cut and sewn onto pants

How do you deal with faulty fashion? I'd love to hear from you.
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  1. I love this post! Wish I had more time and energy to do things though :/ But i do like to add studs and trims on my blazers to jazz them up :-)

    1. Thank you! I have more of these patchings in my head and hope to add them soon.
      I'm sure your energy will be back to normal soon :) I know the time problem, there is just so much cool (and important) stuff to do! Studs and trims are of course among my favorites too, doesn't take much and they make a garment shine.