'Hoo' let the Sun(ny Dress) out? 'Owl' present: A Friday Pattern Company sewing pattern

'Hoo'ray for owl puns!
I'm 'talon' you, there is a reason for this: Owl fabric!

The Sunny Dress was part of project SewMyStyle 2018 and - maybe you 'owl'ready guessed it - I made this a looot of months ago.
Take a cup of coffee or chocolate and read on about my make and what I think about this pattern.

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company

First something positive: I am done with the owl puns - at least almost ;)
Ok, so that was not what I wanted to say first. It's that Friday Pattern Company donates a percentage of their proceeds to a charity organization. That's something I have not yet seen at pattern designers and needless to say it's nice of them. That is actually part of the reason I bought the pattern.

Why I hesitated to buy it you ask?
Partly because I find $12 a bit much for a simple t-shirt pattern (Minus the 5% for charity it still costs $11,40). But of course pricing is the designers choice and I still chose to buy it.
Another part of me didn't find their modelled photos attractive. By that I mean I thought the dress/shirt didn't fit the models as it should. So many wrinkles! So much pulling!

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company

About the Sunny Dress

Warning: If you can't stand negative critique, please do not read on. I'm not trying to be mean, just trying to express my honest opinion. 

So, I bought it and it was, well, I should have known, not exactly what I expected.
The instructions are the poorest I have seen so far. As it's a simple t-shirt pattern, anyone who's ever sewed one knows how they come together. But for a very beginner I don't think this is enough and it can result to a bad outcome and frustration. Fabric stretch requirements are not included - you have to go to the website to see that. It also doesn't include printing and taping instructions, just a page layout (not that I need those, but I did back when I started sewing pdf patterns).

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company
Twin needle at the neckline. I like the look of that!

The instructions states it is reversible, just wear the scoop neck front or back as you wish. While that sounds pretty versatile, in reality this just doesn't work for anyone with boobs. I mean, of course you can wear it backwards, but that would mean the extra space for your boobs is now on the back side and vice versa. Pulling inevitable.
Further on, I think you can see it on the photos, the fit isn't good on me. I always have too much fabric at the lower back (sway back / full butt), but it has never been this much yet. There's a lot of pulling/wrinkling in the shoulder/sleeve area, both front and back. Some of the wrinkles look like those on the modelled pictures. I also find it too short at the sides and I do not have a longer than standard torso. With adjustments I sure could fix this, but I decided to just put this one away as a bad buy.

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company
Front view. Wrinkles and pulling all over the sleeve/shoulder/neck area. 

I later heard that they released an update and fixed something regarding the fit, allegedly due to so many people complaining. But honestly, that again was not customer-friendly at all, just posting it somewhere, where only some see it. I know it isn't hard to send every buyer of a certain product an email - which wasn't done here. Seems to me like it's just more comfortable to have the people who find out about this by themselves write you an email. No, thanks, I'm not making it again anyways.

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company
Back view. Wrinkles on the sleeves and shoulders, way too much fabric in the lower back. The rolled up band at the bottom hem is my own fault though ;) 

Putting all the complaining aside - I'm sure there are people out there who love this pattern -, I want to emphazise again the great idea of charity. The scalloped hem looks really nice and with the update it will hopefully fit more people better out of the box.

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company
Bottom hem. Looks great while layed flat, but starts rolling as hell when worn. Note to myself: Do not pull here. 

Oh, and by the way, the wavy, crippled bands are totally my own fault. I tried something new and it didn't work out the first time.
Also, I'm afraid I don't remember where this fabric comes from. If you've been wondering, of course the birds actually look more like pidgeons than owls, but I simply felt the need for some owl puns. Try googling "owl legs"!

Minn's Things sewing review Sunny Dress Top by Friday Pattern Company
Learning while hemming: bias tape with knits. Yes, it works. Also, twin needle. 

Now over to you and I apologise in advance for another one:
'Hoo' 'owl'so likes owls and owl puns and owl fabric? 😉



  1. Haha thats a cute pattern :-) I dont really wear patterns unless it is stripes. It does suit you though! And I LOVE your hair ! x

    1. I have to admit, I wear this one at home only - sometimes I just can't help myself and buy (patterned) fabric, which I would actually not wear when going out, hehe!
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Mel! Oh, and I love YOUR hair! ;)