29 March 2019

Sewing pattern review: Nita wrap skirt from Sew diy

This post refers to a sewing pattern, which I received for free as part of testing another pattern. 

In January I admitted that I never owned a pencil skirt, so I sewed my own (check out my Pirate Pencil Skirt here). Another garment I never owned is a wrap skirt. I've had wrap shirts, yes, though they do look a bit strange on me and they are definitely not my style - at least not anymore. But since then, I developed a lot - my mind as well as my body - and nowadays I think I made good progress defining my style. Now I just need to make the corresponding garments!

So when Beth from Sew diy offered me one of her patterns (as a 'thank you' for testing one of here awesome patterns, the Ali Sweatshirt), I just had to take the opportunity. There are many other posts about the Nita out there, and each one of them is such a beautiful make. I couldn't resist.

Was it worth it? Read on to find out!

Nita wrap skirt sew diy sewing pattern made by minn's things side view

About the pattern

Nita wrap skirt sew diy sewing pattern made by minn's things technical drawing
Technical drawing for the pattern by SEW DIY

Nita is for woven fabrics and sits on the natural waist, which is part of why I loved to try that pattern. I prefer skirts sitting at the waist over those sitting at the hips, as I think those flatter me more and also I just love the style.

The main feature of this pattern, the angled wrap front, is pretty obvious. It has three options for the closure: a button, a tie or a D-ring belt. Instructions for easy installment of all three options are included of course. You can choose from three different lengths as well and make your Nita in mini, midi or maxi size!

Nita wrap skirt sew diy sewing pattern made by minn's things front view
Front view

But Nita has even more to offer. Front and back waist darts make a nice shape, the front wrap section has a built-in facing and if you want, you can make the (optional) lining too. As a bonus there is an extra full coverage pattern piece included for those, who prefer not to have potential exposing situations ;-)

One thing I love about Beth's patterns is that she includes measurements in centimetres. Though I have my little cheat sheet next to my sewing space it's nice to see a US designer not forgetting kind of the rest of the world ;-)

Nita wrap skirt sew diy sewing pattern made by minn's things back view
Back view

SEW DIY patterns are very detailled. I never have a problem understanding the instructions. They include technical drawings, no photos, and the drawings are so precise, augmented when needed, definitely easy to understand.
No matter what your sewing level is, if you follow the instructions as if they are the only thing that matters in the world, everyone can easily make a Nita.

One side note at last: This pattern does not contain any pockets. I think, that could be the only "negative" thing I have to say about it. But it's fine for me, because I've made my own pockets some time ago and I use them on all the skirts and dresses, that don't have them included.

About my make

According to my measurements (back when I actually sewed it) I made a straight size 10 of view A, the mini version with button closure - except I didn't use a button. I thought I didn't want to 'destroy' the beautiful pattern of the fabric, which is why I tried a hook-and-eye-closure instead. I made the skirt with the lining, as this seemed appropriate for the type of fabric. Unfortunately I have no record of where this fabric is from - it's probably not available anymore anyways. 

Nita wrap skirt sew diy sewing pattern made by minn's things fitting issues
Some weird gaping at the front

The size 10 fit me quite good (before I lost weight, and these photos are afterwards, which is why they all look a bit weird and too big), even though SEW DIY patterns are actually not pear shapey enough for my body - it probably would have been better, if I made a size 8 waist with size 10 or size 12 hips.
So while this could add to the problem, I'm not exactly sure why my wrap is kind of "exposing". I've looked at all the other makes I could find and none of those seemed the same. My best guess would be, that it's a combination of the slippery fabric, no proper additional fastening of the wrap and not enough overlapping.

Nita wrap skirt sew diy sewing pattern made by minn's things self designed pockets
My must-have: Pockets! These are self-designed. 

You can see that this skirt has inseam pockets! As I said above, these are not included with the pattern - they are my own design. I made and used them for my second The Orla Dress.

Since I lost weight, it now sits a bit lower than my natural waist (as you can see), and obviously looks too big, which makes it worse. But if I just reinstall the fastenings, maybe do buttons this time, I think it may just solve the problem.
I'll update this post when I tried that!

Now, over to you guys...
What do you think of wrap skirts and wrap shirts? Do you like or dislike both or do you prefer one over the other like I do? 



  1. Beautiful skirt! I have never sewn a wrap skirt because of fearof exposure. Good to know that there is an exra piece to keep everything covered up.

    1. Thanks Paula!
      I wear my skirt with thick tights only, so no fear of actual exposure on my side. But I agree, the coverage piece is a great idea!

  2. That is a lovely skirt. And the fact you can readjust and fix it is so cool! Well done :) Personally wrap skirts and dresses dont fit me, they always open up as I have big hips. x

    1. Thank you! I agree it can be problematic if your clothes just open up as they wish ;) You'd probably benefit from an extra coverage piece - though I haven't tried that personally so I can only guess!

  3. I haven't liked that style of skirt, but the fabric you've sewed it looked gorgeous.

    1. Sarah, thank you so much! It is indeed a lovely fabric - such a shame I don't remember where I got it.