12 April 2019

Free sewing pattern design - Back pocket

You love pockets. You don't understand, why 'fashion' seems to not know that. Why so many clothes come without pockets. Why even so many sewing patterns come without pockets.
Sounds familiar?

Long story below, short story here: I prepared my back pocket pattern for you and you'll find it here to download for free.

free sewing pattern back pocket for pants jeans skirts minn's things

Seriously now, why do so many sewing patterns, which are perfect for pockets, come without them? Pants, skirts, dresses, shirts too...! People need pockets and especially women have been pointing out the lack of pockets on their garments for quite a long time now.
At least optional would be nice. Or is it just me now?

Of course there are certain garments, on which pockets would change the look. Think of (knit) pencil skirts. Even inseam pockets would be quite visible. I understand, as a designer, you may just not want that to affect the style of your design.

So, in order to live the happy pocket-life, I drafted them myself and added them to the garments, that I wish came with pockets - both RTW and self-sewn. And because not everyone actually wants to draft, I decided to give them some shape and offer them to those still in need. 😉

You can download it here, but please read on what I have to say about the pattern before rushing off to your sewing machine!

Free back pocket sewing pattern for pants/jeans/etc.

Download this pdf pattern for free HERE! (The link will take you to a Google Drive folder, where you can download the pattern and instructions)

Please note:
This pattern is free and will always be free. Use it for whatever projects you can imagine - private or small commercial as you wish. Just please be fair and do not steal my pattern to sell it as your own. More (free) patterns will follow! If you do want to support me, it would make me very happy if you buy me a coffee via PayPal 😀 (This link brings you to PayPal, where you need to define the amount of coffee money you want to give me and you need to confirm it - nothing will happen without your agreement)

The pocket pattern can be printed on both A4 and US Letter. Just take your usual settings, the paper you use and - always important when it comes to sewing patterns - be sure to print it in "actual size" or "100%".
The pdf has two layers, please choose the one you like. I've included the pattern with and without seam allowances. So if you prefer to add your own, print the layer without s.a. and add it as you wish on either the paper or the fabric.

The back pocket is quite easy to use, as no adjusting to your pattern is needed. Simply cut it out, iron the seam allowances, hem the opening and sew it onto your garment. You can use either knits or woven fabrics as you wish, though I recommend you use a similar type of fabric as the item you sew it onto has. If you use woven fabric, be sure to finish the edges first to prevent fraying.
It's designed to be used as a back pocket for pants/jeans, but of course can also be sewn onto the backs of skirts or added at a completely different place - e.g. the front of a plaid shirt. Be creative!

My pattern comes without a topstitching design. If you can't or don't want to think of your own, I recommend the free backpocket topstitching templates from Closet Case Patterns. Instead of machine topstitching you can also use different methods, such as the hand-embroidered eyes on my Penny Jeggings. Or something with fabric paint. Or glitter. Or iron-on patches. There are endless options!

back pocket attachment free sewing pattern Minn's Things
Example of my back pocket pattern - The eyes are embroidered by free hand

That's it for now, I do hope you enjoy my free back pocket pattern. Be sure to come back as I will add more patterns in the future! So subscribe to my blog on bloglovin, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or just save my blog to your browser favourites! JUST - DO - IT! *giggle*

Now, over to you guys...
If you used my pocket pattern, I'd love to see your makes! Use the hashtag #minnsthingspockets on social media, tag me and comment with your link below. 
Are there other pocket pattern designs you'd like to get for free? 


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