5 April 2019

Sewing a half circle skirt - Spinn me right round, Baby!

One of my sewing goals is to try out and wear more styles. After refusing to wear skirts and dresses for years, it is now time to explore the crotch-free world!

I've tried a wrap skirt, I've tried a pencil skirt, and now curtains up for the half circle skirt!

half circle skirt sewing Minn's Things calculator self drafted handmade diy free front view

While not quite as old as my latest blogged garments, this one isn't very fresh made either. The idea of a circle skirt came to me last december. Christmas was coming up, which seemed like a nice opportunity for a new outfit. Now I am quite the opposite of a religious person - science is all -, but I do celebrate it as kind of a tradition with family. Time to dress up!

I had this fabric in my stash, a rather thick, shiny satin, which I bought about a year ago at a local sewing shop (Stoffcorner). I initially wanted to use it for my Lou Box Dress, but then decided to use a thinner, flowier fabric for that - the thick satin just didn't seem appropriate for this pattern.
I imagined my circle skirt to be kind of festive, not too cold, a winter skirt, so the fabric was perfect for this project.

half circle skirt sewing Minn's Things calculator self drafted handmade diy free side view

As you probably know, you don't really need to buy a pattern for a simple circle skirt - or half circle etc. It's not that difficult to draft it yourself, but if you're lazy - like I was - you can use one of the many calculators out there. I used the Circle Skirt Calculator from By Hand London to get an idea of the layout. It's very easy to use and of course free.

After playing around with measurements and layout, with the fabric and a mirror, and browsing through Pinterest I decided to go for a half circle skirt and slightly above knee length. As my fabric has no stretch, a zip was needed. Then I quickly drafted a curved waistband - I didn't do much thinking here and just eyeballed it. The waistband should close with a button hiding the zipper underneath it. This was my first time trying such a closure and I think it turned out pretty good - the pull tab is so long though, a bit of it is visible below the waistband, but that's fine.

half circle skirt sewing Minn's Things calculator self drafted handmade diy free back view zipper invisible button
The would be invisible zip

I wasn't sure wether I like such a wide bottom on my body shape or not. Because of the stiffness of the fabric the skirt falls a lot wider than my hips actually are. Now don't misunderstand me, I absolutely do not want to look straight on flat - an according to my personal, subjective opinion beautiful and proportionate shape is what I am trying to achieve. Looking at my photos helps a lot to identify that and in this case I do like the wider shape.

Last but not least something different - I need your help! As I mentioned on Instagram a few days ago, I made a schedule to work at least a dedicated amount of time on Minn's Things.

As a result I've changed a few things around the blog. Please participate in the poll below about the general design. If you like or dislike something specific (colours, fonts, etc.) please tell me in a comment below or send me an email to minn@minnsthings.com! Thank you very much!

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half circle skirt sewing Minn's Things calculator self drafted handmade diy free twirling woman
Twirling around

Now, over to you and back to the skirt: Would you live with that exposed zipper pull tab or is there a (maybe not so) tiny perfectionist inside you screaming in pain now? ;-) 



  1. 'Crotch Free World' haha love it ! I absolutely love this skirt and the material looks stunning! Reminds me of when Zara was good and producing classy things ... Id wear it definitely with the exposed tab, not a problem!

    1. Oh, Zara! I remember them having quite a good quality ~13 years ago, but I wore nothing else than jeans, tees and hoodies back then, so they kind of had nothing for my "style", haha.