27 December 2019

The perfect knit tank top (Sewing pattern 'Jolee' from Sinclair Patterns)

I have been searching for the perfect knit tank top sewing pattern for a long time - and I finally found it!
Yes, I know, clickbait doesn't really work when you already say everything in the title... *winkwink* awesome, lucky me doesn't like clickbait anyways!

Also, another topic: Since simply posting basic information about a make turned out to be a bit... well, boring, I may try to add a bit personality again. If you like that, feel free to keep reading... *morewinking*

jolee knit tank top sewing pattern sinclair minn's things alternative black slimfit front view

Before we get to this post's actual topic - the tank top - I can proudly say I took time during last week for some (really needed) fixings of my older clothes. A pair of jeans was made smaller to fit me again (I don't like baggy, momjeans or whatever you call them), and these jeans have been shortened:

shortening jeans diy too long minn's things original hem
Nice socks! 

I often share stuff like that in my instagram stories, so be sure to follow me there @minnsthings!
Other than that I had family celebrations of course, long dog walks, went to a local concert and chatted with old and not so old friends, and a lot of work was needed to be done as well - aaah, lovely time management, the good and bad side of being self-employed.

Me, a self-employed person from r/memes

So, the tank top.
I know, I know... there are a lot of sewing patterns for tank tops out there. But it seems to me people rarely sew tank tops or at least they are not shown as often as camis or dresses or other, newer patterns. Am I wrong? Where are all the tank top sewists? Where is the love for tank tops?
So, whenever I browsed through all the various sewing pattern shops out there, the tank top patterns I saw never were 100% what I wanted. I mean it when I say I don't want to sew stuff I'm never going to wear, because I'm not 100% happy with it. Been there, done that, no thanks.

jolee knit tank top sewing pattern sinclair minn's things alternative black slimfit back view

But, Minn, why are you talking about tank tops during winter? Well, I could argue that we should not forget the people living in the south side of the planet - but honestly, I don't think anyone from down there actually reads my posts. Say hi, if I'm wrong! ;-)
Actually though I tend to wear tanks more in winter than in summer - because I just love them as a layer underneath for additional warmth and coverage.
Also, if you follow me for some time, you may have gotten a feeling by now, that it is quite normal for me to always be a bit behind my projects. Will I ever have my blog actually up-to-date? Probably not. But, you know, that's fine.
Let's just say my blog is actually a beautiful butterfly now:
Time to update from r/meme

So anyways, what do I want from the perfect tank top sewing pattern?
The perfect tank top (for me) should be slim fit, with a middle to low depth neckline, rather small armholes and a full back - I hate racerbacks. I absolutely hate them. And then, of course, it should fit my body - best case without any alterations. This means, slight forward shoulders, relatively small waist, a bit wider hips and do not forget that booty.

jolee knit tank top sewing pattern sinclair minn's things detail

In comes... - yeah, I already said it at the beginning of this post: The Jolee Knit Tank Top sewing pattern from Sinclair Patterns, which has all that (for me). Well, almost. Plus - one of the things people love Sinclair for - you get the pattern in petite, regular and tall sizing. Every time I look at a Sinclair Pattern, this makes me happy, just because.

jolee knit tank top sewing pattern sinclair minn's things

For the front I used a simple, middle weight CL jersey. I chose this one, because its black matched the other fabric best (yes, the other jerseys in my stash have different shades of black). The other fabric is the one with the spring flower bulbs, which I used on the back side. This is the rest of the fabric I bought and used for a dress, which I will show you soon.
So I can already proudly say: I have used as much as possible out of the ~2m of flower bulb fabric and I have only very small pieces left over.

jolee knit tank top sewing pattern sinclair minn's things alternative black slimfit

This top is a size 6. I removed 3cm from the bottom hem, because it was too long for my taste and a bit too tight as well. I made the wrong decision and chose the regular sizing, but I should have taken petite sizing (163cm).
So I transfered that one alteration onto the paper pattern and removed 3cm - not at the hips though. I cut the paper at the waistline and removed the 3 cm there. This way I'll have more space at the hips plus the desired length.
I hope that is at least somehow understandable. Nah, you'll be fine, right?

I already made a second Jolee with the alteration - and this one is quite special, so stay tuned to see it here soon! Until - hopefully - next week! 

P.S.: Last week I wrote a post on Instagram mentioning the lack of a proper 'alternative sewing community'. I know and follow a few people, but I can't seem to find more. I can't believe there would be just two handful of us. Where are you guys? Join the discussion, connect with us here:

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Back when I was trying out different aesthetics and styles for my blog photos... And this Poncho (Sewing pattern 'Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho' from Seamingly Smitten) was one of my few blog tours / pattern tests, before I realized my style just does not fit with the "standard" sewist. No problem, most of us "alternative" people are used to do their own thing. But I'm sad I can't find many sewing bloggers in this niche. It would be nice to collaborate and do some tours on our own or similar, but without enough participants it won't make much sense. And since a few weeks I find it harder to find new, small accounts (<500 followers) on IG as well. In the explore and hashtags sections it only shows me bigger accounts 5k+. Sucks. . #sewingponcho #handmadeclothing #poncho #alternativeblogger #alternativefashion #alternativestyle #alternativesewing
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  1. The tank looks great! I don’t wear them on their own, but they are so great to keep the body warm on a cold day.
    I hope more of us goth sewists come out of the dark corners and join the conversation.

    1. Thanks Paula! Yes, simple tanks are perfect for layering!
      I'll definitely keep an eye out! With sewing getting more and more popular I'm sure more will follow, we just have to find them :-)