3 January 2020

New Year 2020 & Bodysuits (Feat. Kommatia Claire Cami sewing pattern)

Happy new year, happy 2020!
Another year is over, another new year lies ahead of us, so it is once again time to reflect and plan. And of course, there is a (more or less) new sewing project I'm showing you in this post.
It is - finally - a bodysuit.

Minn's things sewing claire cami bodysuit kommatia patterns front full view alternative style waist skirt

How was 2019 for you guys? I hope it has been a good one. It sure has for me! New work, new skills, new passions and gladly nothing really bad happened - worst thing for me was my Hashimoto diagnosis, but once I find the correct medication dosis, that's basically not an issue anymore (at least for a while - I hope). The positive stuff definitely outweighs that.

Minn's things sewing claire cami bodysuit kommatia patterns flatlay

I did a super serious resolutions post a year ago and it is time to reflect about that.
Ok, I already know I sewed less in 2019 than I did in 2018. No need to count. I took less time for sewing because we (the bf and I) opened up a new company, a recording studio and put a lot of our time into it. If you want to see some of our work, it just happens we released another live session video on our youtube channel! Wyatt E. (Facebook) make awesome experimental oriental drone doom and we are so happy they played at our official studio opening. Check out the video below!

Back to the resolutions/recap:
Most items I showed on the blog in the last 12 months were already sewn in 2018 - or sooner *cough*. Most items I sewed in 2019 still need to find their way onto some photos, so that's one thing for my blog todo list, hehe.
Regarding RTW the only stuff I bought last year were band shirts (and a hoodie) - I don't actually "need" them, but I see this as supporting artists. So band stuff definitely gets an exception from the no-buy rule.
Then I gave away my poncho and my corset (not blogged) at a "clothes trade party" and traded them for a georgous dress and a skirt. Some of my sewn garments I've worn a lot and others not so much - still trying to figure out what I do about that. 

In summary:
I actually kind of fulfilled all my sewing resolutions for 2019 - except expanding my (sewing) skills. But I did learn pattern drafting, which is a big skill, so let's agree on 100% performance. In exchange I totally failed at my blog resolutions. 14 blog posts in 2019. Obviously, I'll try that again in 2020.

Minn's things sewing claire cami bodysuit kommatia patterns back view

Now let's move on to the bodysuit. Oh how long have I thought about bodysuits, wether they are comfortable, practical, if I would wear them or not,...
But then I realized, I do very often wear camis or tanks underneath as layers - I've already talked about that in last weeks post. Which means actually bodysuits would be great for that!

About the pattern:
The instructions are great, very detailed. I love the design, the neckline, back, crotch and leg rise are just perfect for me. But even though I used fabric with the required 50% stretch in both directions and I'm on the low end of the height it is drafted for (163 cm), something went wrong with the length and it turned out to be more than 5cm to short - which is why I inserted the lace waistband afterwards. I'm not sure, if the drafting is for shorter upper bodies, or if my upper body is longer in ratio, or if I don't remember it correctly and my fabric does have less stretch... If you do plan on making this pattern, maybe check the length by measuring the paper pattern and your body.

Minn's things sewing claire cami bodysuit kommatia patterns lace insert waistband
Lace insert at the waist

And sadly this pattern is not size inclusive at all - bust size range is just 80-108 cm (5 sizes). Would be ok for me, but long after I bought and sewed this pattern I realized I do not want to support this. So if you are looking for a good, size inclusive bodysuit pattern, I currently do not know of anything suitable. Definitely not this one. George And Ginger often has more inclusive sizes, but sadly their Road Trip Bodysuit only goes up to size 20.

My Claire Cami Bodysuit is a size S at the bust and waist, graded to size M at the hips. I used fold-over elastic for the neckline finishes, normal elastic for the leg openings and of course snaps at the crotch.

Minn's things sewing claire cami bodysuit kommatia patterns snap crotch detail
Crotch with snaps

I wear it as an underneath layer as planned for extra warmth and/or coverage, but also solo with waist skirts in summer, like in these photos. I'm sorry I totally forgot to make photos of the lower half. That's just what happens when you shoot photos of ~10 items on one afternoon - you forget stuff. Well, who am I kidding, I can hardly remember what I did yesterday - LOL.
Ok, not entirely true, I do try to keep track of some of the stuff I do - which in the last week was mainly relaxing at home, watching movies and making pizza, but also something new: I started writing music! Yay! Finally! By now I have 2 minutes of an epic, melodic, very progressive metalcore-y song with solo clarinet (yes, for realz!) written and I l-o-v-e it! I'm about to explode because of all the proudness for finally just doing it (after dreaming for many years). You'll definitely hear more about that in the future, so stay tuned! (Are these puns? No idea.)

Minn's things sewing claire cami bodysuit kommatia patterns style waist skirt

Well, that's already everything for this week - I hope you've enjoyed it!
See ya at the next post - until (hopefully) next week!

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  1. I like it and the lace insert looks intentional and not like a fix.
    Your music writing sounds really cool!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad the lace looks intentional!