28 February 2020

Current sewing projects & plans

Oh no, another week without a proper review? Damn, Minn, what are you thinking??

Hehe. Don't worry, guys, just grab a cup and read on what I am currently working with and on!
Also, look who tries very hard to keep me from work:

funny dog picture bat vampire clown puppy dogo elo teeth
Quiz: Is it a bat, a puppy, a vampire, a clown or a kind-of-grownup dogo who was just in her second heat?

First, my oldest WIP from last week, which is almost finished. It's a Fumeterre Skirt, a sewing pattern from Deer & Doe. I have been watching this pattern for about two years now. I mean, come on, that style! Isn't it georgous?
So far I own one maxi skirt. It's a thin knit, very old and has two small holes. I will fix them, but it's such a bad, cheap fabric, it will break again. Obviously, another maxi skirt is needed. 
Why did I spend so much time thinking about this pattern and not just making it, you ask? Well, I honestly just wasn't sure. I love it, I really do, but I had no idea what version I'd make and if I would wear it. Buttons with leg opening or zip fly? Which type of fabric? 

fumeterre deer doe skirt sewing pattern unfinished UFO black stretch denim
An unfinished Fumeterre Skirt
Anyways, last summer I was browsing through a local fabric store, when I touched a fabric that screamed at me: "Take me! I'm a Fumeterre!!" And obviously I bought it. 3 meters of it to be exact. Aaand last week I bought the pattern and started to sew it up. Somewhere during sewing and touching the fabric (yes, between the sewing steps and just for fun) I realized: this is actually the perfect stretch pants fabric! Just the sliiightest amount of stretch, but also very sturdy. Oh well. I still have more than 1,2m left, so now I already know what the rest will become. Nice! 
Now just the zipper, the waistband and the hem of my Fumeterre are missing, so really not much. But for now the skirt has to hang there, to stretch out (which is actually important) while waiting to be finished.

old ugly bag RTW pleather broken down
Old, ugly bag
Because another project interrupted us: my old handbag finally broke down. Well, not all of it, but the seam connecting the strap to the bag gave up. Yes, I could easily just sew that one seam. But the bag has been looking ugly for years anyways. That's why I had bagmaking on my to-learn-list for said years. Sooo now's the time, I hereby happily announce I am finally making a handbag!
It's going to be a Sadie Expandable Bag from Swoon Patterns. 

Sadie expandable bag layers unfinished UFO swoon patterns sewing
Several layers of Sadie
These are just cheap fabrics for my first try, as I had no idea how it will work, if it will even look like a bag when finished. Just like a (wearable) muslin for clothes. Maybe you recognize the flower fabric, I have used that for a top in the past. And the black cotton is not new either, this one I used as the outer layer of my Rumana Coat muslin
I just need to put the layers together and it will be finished. So not much left to do here as well, which is nice. Really locking forward to "birthing" the bag! So far it looks like it's going to be a success. If it does I'll soon make more bags for sure! 
I have these two georgous fake leather fabrics waiting to become bags: 

fake leather pleather vegan
Two different fake leather fabrics
Then I have another project planned and I've already talked about this a bit two weeks ago: a corset. This time a real one, with proper flat steel boning, a waist tape and a nice finish. It's going to be a Lolita Underbust corset, using the pattern from Aranea Black. I've already done some paper pattern adjustments, chose the right size, graded and moved the waistline higher up. I'll be watching more videos from Katarina's Youtube Channel (highly recommended!) before actually marking and cutting my fabric though - I really want to get this right. 
Judging from my first try I already know the corset will fit me quite good - and it's definitely not going to be my last one. 

wrist pincushion sew much fun elastic
New pincushion
In order to be precise and up my makes I bought a few more sewing gadgets: 
A wrist pincushion (for €1 at a very cheap store) with elastic. Finally! Sew much fun! 
Fray Check from Prym. Also a very useful item. I have not had a single grommet rip out yet, but better safe than sorry. 
A seam gauge (similar to this one from Prym) for easier marking of seam allowances and hems. This will be so helpful! 
A cartridge pencil set (similar to this one from Prym) for very small markings - so precise! I've used it for the bag and I am in love! Way better than the chunky tailor's chalk I've used so far. 
A wood block to use as a clapper. I have seen it for years, but never was sure if it's worth the money. Clappers cost about €30 where I live, plus €10-15 for shipping. For a simple block of wood I find this highly overpriced. So I went to a local hardware store. I didn't want softwood, but this was all they had as plain wood. Luckily they did have a box full of leftovers and I found a piece of beech wood in it, which was from a raw table. This thing cost me €0,50 and it measures 19x8x4 cm. I will grind down the edges, but it already works wonders. I never thought it would really make edges so nice and crisp! I am not 100% sure the glue used to keep the wood pieces together will hold the heat and humidity longterm - but honestly, if it falls apart I lost €0,50. I can totally live with that. 
And finally I got that curved ruler from Prym. I will use it for making pants, as I've read about how to use them to make the crotch fit better. Plus I had some occasions where I needed to measure curves and it's just so much easier with this than with a standard measuring tape. 

sewing tools gadgets help prym beech wood clapper curved ruler lineal cartridge pencil marker set sewing gauge seam allowance fray check glue
Clapper, Curved Ruler, Cardridge Pencil, Sewing Gauge and Fray Check
I also have a lot of work and other appointments upcoming, but I try to sew a bit every day if possible. Plus next week I really should make some garment photos to show you guys. I do still have a few in reserve, but I shouldn't wait too long to make new ones. Plus, I really want to show you more recent makes! Damn thing is, I'm still afraid to colour my hair, since the wound from my head injury in november is basically healed, but still flaky and itchy like hell and I really don't want to disturb it and have it hurt again. So, I guess I'm gonna have to live with 7+ cm ash blonde roots for some time longer and having them on photos. Pfff. 

alternative sewing blogger dog photobombing ash blond roots haircolour
Am I photobombing the dog or is she photobombing me?

I usually don't do stuff like "Make Nine" or other sewing plans over the year - because I most likely will either not make it or change my plans. It takes me a rather long time to decide to make something. Naturally I'm unsure if those shortterm plans as well as WIPs are a thing I should share or not. So, your help is appreciated: do you like such posts of shortterm makes and plans? Sewing gadgets? Inspiration? Current projects? 

Thanks a lot in advance and see you next week!



  1. Your dog is the most adorable creature! Good luck on your projects (just saw the finished bag; looks great!).

    1. Haha, she really is adorable and she certainly knows how to use that! Thanks :)