27 July 2020

New sewing patterns & updates [July 2020 - calendar weeks 27-30]

Yasss, it's already time for the next pattern list!
As I said I want to try weekly, but since it's the end of July, this one contains all new releases from calendar week 27-30 - so basically most of July.

Some thoughts: I felt like a month is really long. Special release prices almost never last that long. And I think it's better to see new stuff rather soon after release than 4 weeks later - right?
Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.
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Stuff worth mentioning:
This list is not intended to be exhaustive. If you know other new patterns, that were released this month, feel free to tell me in the comments. In case you are wondering, the list is sorted by the date I added the items.
Another side note I want to add: although I do have affiliate accounts for some of the companies mentioned here, I do not use any affiliate links for the listed new patterns. I only use such links if I actually made the pattern and in that case I would always point it out clearly.

Dresses & Tops

Just Dresses

Just Tops

Skirts & Shorts


  • Wattlebird Jumpsuit [Common Stitch]: re-release (design, construction and sizing); oversized, straight legs, square bodice, straps, pockets; available as pdf; for wovens; now in sizes 6-24; 

Swimwear & Underwear


Accessories & Specials

That's it! 
No wait - I've also got some news for you, in case you haven't heard yet: 
1) Bluprint will continue to exist, named back to Craftsy and is said to get single-buy classes like it was years ago. 
2) Closet Case is now named Closet Core. 

Also, did you notice the new images for these posts? I was not happy with the old one - that was just a stock photo and not a very pretty one. Since I wanted to start drawing again anyways and need a lot of practice drawing clothes, I simply decided to draw my own images.
With that (hopefully at least) weekly practice I really hope I keep the motivation up and actually get better - that would be soooo awesome.

Now that's it! Finally, haha!

If you want to see the previous list, here's pattern updates from June 2020

And if you found something you're planning to sew, leave a comment below (or tell me on IG)! 



  1. Thank for doing these roundups. The new drawing was the first thing I noticed!

    1. Thank you for your feedback kitee! I hope you find nice new patterns to sew :)